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DJ Muller Guide Service. Learning surfcasting from well-balanced experienced surfcaster can cut years, and miles, off your learning curve. If you are going to pocket option learn you might as well learn it the right way. It's never too late to start. Nothing can replace experience but learning how to be in the right place at the right time, and then knowing what to do once you get there, will make you a productive, gratified, and confident surfcaster. Confidence is everything in surfcasting!
If you are interested in learning one of the many methods of catching stripers from the surf there are numerous options available. If you are interested in fishing with DJ, please consider the options listed below. If you have an idea or suggestion that you don't see here feel free to ask about a specific idea or objective. Call or email for rates. 

Here is a list of suggested trips that you may want to experience:
*Start from Scratch (Novice)-Learn proper equipment, reading the water, lure selection, and casting techniques. This is a very informative and comprehensive session with emphasis on using artificial lures. This trip is used by many as a stepping stone to becoming a better surfcaster. This is one of the more popular trips for those wanting to move in a positive direction.
*The Clam is King (Novice)- Learn the basics of bait fishing. The clam takes bass from March to December, learn how to fish them successfully. Clamming will bring you productivity and confidence.
*Night Trip (Novice/Intermediate)- Striped bass move close to the beach to feed at night. Fishing at night is important for you as a surfcaster. Become more comfortable in the dark with a night trip.
*Eeling 101 (Intermediate)-Eels are a bass favorite so give them what they want. Learn eeling essentials and a technique that is effect all along the striper coast.
*Chunking (Intermediate)- Chunking with bunker or other big chunk baits is a very reliable way to take big bass but it has to be done correctly, learn the correct equipment and tactics for catching bass.
*Jetty Jumping (Intermediate)- Using a jetty to catch fish is wise! Learning how to fish a jetty gives you a huge advantage in your hunt for bass. Learn the necessary equipment and strategies, earn the nickname "jetty jumper."
*Commando's/All-Nighters to Great Bassholds (Advanced/Hardcore)- There are many good night spots along the striper pocket option broker coast. Plan a trip to one of the many and do an all-night trip to a select area. Call or email for more information.
*Road Trips to Legendary Bassholds (Intermediate/Advanced)- When you are ready to hit the road for several nights of serious fishing at one of the places where legend and myth are born, where bass swim in big number, this trip is what you are looking for. Trips now forming for the 2011 season. Call or email for more information.
Sandy Hook Special- Make a dent in the remarkable Sandy Hook fishery. Learn the in's and out's of the Hook. There are numerous facets to learning the Hook. Sandy Hook is a huge place.
The Needlefish Hit-Learn the in's and out's of fishing with the needlefish when the bass are on sand eels. A technique that you will use all over the striper coast.
Small Group Beach Classes. Small group classes on the beach. Cost less than individual trips. Contact DJ with interest or for more information.
Beginning Wetsuit. Information and Instruction for those looking to breaking into wetsuiting..

*"Actually Fish with DJ"- Go on one of the numerous outings that DJ goes all year long. Ride along see the approach, watch the planning process and then experience the fishing under Muller's watchful eye. Just learning the approach and techniques makes this an exceptional learning experience.

Note- Road trips require adequate surfcasting skill, good equipment, and above average physical fitness. Pre-screening will determine who qualifies. DJM reserves the right to accept or reject who qualifies for a trip.

There are 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour trips available.

For more information, rates, and/or booking information contact DJ at or call 732-539-3626.


The 2011 trips where a huge success! Everyone that went on a trip came home raring and ready for more. If you are pocket option download for windows 10 interested in fishing one of the many trips DJ does each year, please contact him as every year presents different options. The information you gather and the techniques you learn while fishing new and strange waters will greatly widen your surfcasting horizons. 


Email DJ for details.

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