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  "Striper Tales: A Collection of Surfcasting Stories."
Striper Tales is a compilation of 46 surfcasting stories (well maybe a couple boat pieces) that are authentic and riveting, about man and his quest for catching striped bass. The book has stories from New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The stories will make you laugh, make you wonder, make you want to run out and fish! This is a book that will be enjoyed by the man that lives next door as well and the hard-core surfcaster.


"Striper Strategies: Surfcasting Methods for Catching Striped Bass" is a technical encylopedia. It has everything that you will need to know to be the most well rounded surfcaster on the beach. By reading this book you will understand why you have to be multi-faceted in your approach. Striper fishing requires balance and versatility. You have to be versatile in order to be good! It contains five chapters on fishing artificials, equipment and techniques (one introductory chapter and then chapters on surface lures, sub-surface lures, soft plastics lures and metals/tins). The middle chapters cover raking and fishing with calico crabs, baitfishing with clams, and then chunking (your road to large stripers). The latter three chapters emphasize live-lining (fishing with live baits and livewell usage), eeling (including rigging and eel-skin plugs), and snag and drop techniques. The final chapter wraps it all up. This book is a must-read for any striped bass fisherman that wants to elevate his or her game.

"The Surfcaster's Guide to the Striper Coast" covers all that you as a surfcaster will need for your long journey towards surf autonomy. It will teach you the basics for becoming a surfcaster or strengthen your existing knowledge base, enabling you to go out onto any beach and have success. It truly is a "surfcaster's guide."
    The early chapters teach about the striped bass, how they migrate, how they spawn and reproduce, what kind of baits they favor. It explains winds, weather and current as it relates to striper fishing.The book will help you understand the moon phases and how they affect the tides. You will learn how to find stripers where they live and where they hold. 
    There is a chapter on the necessary equipment that you will need and how to dress correctly in the whitewater, how to chose a rod and reel for your specific location. It gives a lot of information on the various lures available and how and when to use them. The chapter on bait fishing is super informative followed by a chapter on the surfcasters approach to fishing, perhaps the most insightful and important chapter in the book.
    Then comes the next three chapters, chapters which fall into the 'unprecedented' category: how to use your beach buggy to catch more fish; physical fitness as it pertains to surfcasting; surfcasting etiquette; and then a chapter on surfcasting and travel.
    The final chapter gives a brief overview of all of the states along the striper's range, Maine to North Carolina. This is not a "hotspot" chapter but rather gives the surfcaster an idea of what to expect when he or she goes to an unfamiliar new place.

    This is the most complete book on surfcasting today, called the surfcasting "Bible" by Saltwater Sportsman (April '07). DJ attempts to divulge his thoughts and strategies yet his passion for the sport and the fish shines through out the entire book. You will not be disappointed!

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Note on buying a book: If you are intereted in buying a book I would ask that you please buy one from a local tackle shop or online (striper) store or from me. The book warehouses sell the books so cheap that they do not even make money on the books this hurts our local retailers, by buying from mom and pop establishments you help support the local economy.
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