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See what people working through DJ's various programs such as Bass Class, Project Harbor Pilot and pocket option guiding, have to say about their experiences. 


Joe S.-Delaware

Surfcasting with DJ is fun, productive, and always a learning experience.  He is an excellent instructor, a great guide, and outstanding to fish with.  If the fish are there he will find them.  When I retired I decided to take up surf fishing.  Went through several guides and instructors before I heard about DJ.  Did a lot of fishing with no success.  Signed up for three 4-hour sessions.  Did a morning what is pocket option session going over the basics, spent the afternoon practicing.  Went out that evening dusk into darkness-caught a number of throwbacks.  DJ continued the instruction, especially as it related to structure, Next morning went out in the darkness.  I asked DJ where I should cast-he said I should use what I had learned and try to make my own decision.  On my first cast, using a loaded super strike yellow needlefish (I still have that lure) I caught my first ever keeper striper from the surf—only 32 “ but it was huge to me!!!    I still use DJ as a guide since I have to travel to get to the fish I need to cut down on wasted hours looking.  He knows where they are, and what they are hitting.  Joe, Lewes, DE


Ed M. - Califon, NJ

I first started reading DJ Muller’s articles in the Fisherman years ago. I usually clip out the articles that I find interesting  and organize them in a binder to re-read from time to time.  It so happens that I have well over 30 articles penned by DJ in binder, far more than any other writer, with the earliest dating back to 2004.  Each article is informative while bringing something new to the reader. His writing in particular, psyched me up to get out on the beach and put his recommendations into practice. That was my starting point as a surfcaster.   I am a fan of all of DJ’s books and The Surfcaster’s Guide to the Striper Coast served as my go-to reference for my early surfcasting years.  Unfortunately, it takes more than reading and occasional trips to the beach to become a competent surfcaster. After years of limited opportunities and little progress, I sought out DJ as a surfcasting guide.  Learning firsthand from someone of DJ’s knowledge, experience and teaching ability helped me scale the surfcasting learning curve.  I initially hooked up with DJ for a couple of trips to Sandy Hook and NoMoCo. Later after my skills evolved, I went on a road trip to the Surfcasters Mecca, Montauk to put my skills to the test.  My introduction to wetsuit fishing followed during subsequent road trips. DJ’s emphasis on safety was fundamental to my becoming comfortable wetsuit fishing at night in unfamiliar waters. On these road trips I’ve had the privilege of gaining first hand experience pocket options demo in learning the strategizing and planning that is required for trophy striper fishing. In addition, we’ve caught some memorable fish and made new friends.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


Kent from Vermont

I read DJ's books long before I ever met the man. Then, the first time I was in the room with him was surf day in Febuary of 2010. Since that time I've met him several times on the Jersey Shore, followed by a handful of emails and phone calls. I then spent a day at his New England Bass Class, awesome! I'll be in NJ at this year's Surf Day too. Wouldn't miss it.

I am a traveling fisherman. I live in VT , but don't mind the 7 hour trek because I know adventure and new knowledge await when DJ is involved.

The man loves what he does and is passionate about fishing and conservation - be selective, not wasteful. He is the best of teachers, more of a subtle mentor. He is responsive, communicative, instills confidence and unlocks the mysteries of the sport making each outing more rewarding. He is very at good at what he does. See for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

R. Kent Cummings

Surfcaster from the West Coast of New England



Scott T. Marlton, NJ

I first discovered DJ through his books and articles, which I found to be incredibly helpful as I was learning more about surfcasting.  After going to his web site, I arranged for an outing with DJ and it helped me tremendously as a surf caster.  While we were definitely out there gunning for fish, DJ was extremely generous in sharing the tips and techniques he has garnered over the years, and he did it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.  Clearly DJ’s goal is to share the passion he feels for surfcasting and make people into self-sufficient fisherman, not life long charter clients.  At the time we first met I considered myself to be a social surfcaster hoping to be more productive.  As a result of the time spent with DJ, and his contagious love for the sport, I have developed into a somewhat productive surf rat.  Not only do I try to fish every weekend during the season, I have also been to Montauk twice in 2010, and I am planning my first trip to Block Island in 2011. 

Jimmy C.- Warrington, Pa.

I started surf fishing in 2000 with no prior salt water experience other than one trip on a party boat at a early age and vowed to never do it again. My father started me fresh water fishing as a young boy. A friend invited me to IBSP in 2000 and I was hooked immediately. With no teacher it was a very rough and frustrating ten years. I basically caught a bass on a clam once in a blue moon. I bought artificials on just about every trip because I heard this was hot or that was the ticket from all the internet boards. I asked questions every where I went and got a very cold shoulder. The summer of 2010 came around and I committed to do what ever it would take to become a successful surfcaster. I read DJ's books and went to his website and saw a flyer for Bass Class and signed up immediately. I went to class and learned a lot and met some good bass men. In the fall I signed up for a trip to IBSP with DJ in the Murty Mobile. On the first trip DJ explained soft structure and how to find prime structure by reading the water. On my first trip with DJ I caught seven bass and when the session was over I went to a different spot and caught three more.

The first day out With DJ I caught ten Bass. The lessons I learned and confidence I gained in one trip changed my fall season immediately. I hear guys complain about spot burning yada yada and chuckle. I used to focus on where other people where catching and now I find structure that is fishy. Not only is DJ a great teacher I also consider him a friend. I would suggest anyone that wants to learn the ins and outs of surfcasting to get in touch with DJ.
Jim Carney 


Scott and Dave Lentini

Coming for Massachusetts, and all its great bass holes, you figured that we would know how to fish for striped bass. The problem is, 99% of the people fish from boats in my area. Or they are fishermen that soak bait from shore in the same spot all season long, just trying their luck. We were no different. We have fished from charter boats and did very well. That gets expensive and is not very sporty. We have tried soaking bait from shore but never had any luck. The local tackle shops cater to boaters and were no help. Neither were the few “fishermen” that we encountered in our outings. So I looked up surfcasting on and found the book, The Surfcaster's Guide to the Striper Coast. That sounds like EXACTLY what I need. Well I ordered the book and read it front to back. So much I never thought of before! Then I saw that DJ was giving a presentation at the Massachusetts Striped Bass Association’s Annual show in the spring. DJ’s talk was going to be about fishing bait from shore, more specifically chunking! Oh we had to go see this presentation. So we went down to the show and walked around. I asked around if DJ was there yet, a gentleman pointed him out, and said he is very approachable. Well we never met someone that was a “celebrity” before, so we were nervous. DJ got to talking about where we fish, what techniques we like to use, what equipment, etc... Then he said we should go fishing with him down in New Jersey. Wow and invite to fish with DJ, awesome! Well the presentation was very informative and realized we had a lot to learn. We went down to New Jersey and fished with DJ for two sessions, a chunking trip that night and a plugging trip the next morning. We realized that we didn’t know that much at all, but DJ showed us the ropes and didn’t get frustrated. My buddy Jay caught a massive bull nose ray. It was an elightening experience with DJ, Murty and Mark teaching us how to fish. The next morning we went fishing on the NJ jetties. Back in Massachusetts the jetties are at most twenty feet long and not that big. “DJ, you want us to go out to the end of THAT?” The jetty seemed like 200 yards and waves were crashing on them. I was thinking to myself that I’m going to die out there. DJ reassured us that we were not going to die. I fished with Mark and DJ went with my brother and Jay to the end of another jetty. I never knew what a pencil popper was before; never mind how to work it and how it was supposed to look like in the water. When we first bought these saltwater lures we were thinking they were strange and huge. The local tackle shops didn’t carry surfcasting lures, and we never encountered people plugging before so we didn’t know anything about surfcasting lures. These actually catch fish? This close in to shore?  Yes they do and DJ and his crew taught us how. Later that season DJ visited  us in our area, as he was on his way to Cuttyhunk later that week. We drove around and showed DJ and Mark our fishing holes. They broke down what they liked, didn’t like, how to read the water and structure, and what strategies they might employ. We fished that night and they went on their merry way to Cuttyhunk. The next season we stepped it up to fishing with DJ at Block Island. We took a commando trip, fishing two nights straight through the night till morning. DJ pushed us to the limit but not over it. We never fished a boulderfield at night before, so it definitely was a learning experience. DJ was very good at helping us but not holding our hands. He gave us tips on staying safe in the surf too. I felt a little nervous but confident because DJ was right there with us. We caught a lot of fish that trip and learned even more. We have been fishing with DJ for three years now and every time we have elevated our game with DJ. This year we have upgraded to wet suits and are looking forward to wetsuiting with DJ.

If you have been thinking about fishing with DJ you should. We would not know nearly as much as quickly as we have without DJ. He is the only fisherman that has made an effort to not just be a great fishing teacher, but a friend too.

Thanks DJ we wouldn’t be where we are now without you!


Scott and Dave Lentini

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